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If you’re having a tax controversy issue, there’s probably a lot of questions swirling around your head. Call us for a free consultation! We can walk you through your options and help you decide how you’d like to move forward.

Provide Documents

When you choose to use Tax Protect to help resolve your tax issue, we’ll send you a list of documents we’ll need from you. Then, we’ll contact the IRS on your behalf and begin fighting for relief.

We Strategize

Let’s strategize! We work together to figure out how to best resolve this issue for your specific situation and what would make you feel the most satisfied. Your comfort is our top priority!

Learn Best Practices

While we wait for your case to resolve, we help educate you on the best ways to avoid any further tax controversies in the future. As much as we love working with you, we want to make sure you don’t ever need to come see us again. We’ll miss you, but you’ll be happier.


Your case gets finalized and resolved! We send you our wrap-up package containing all the details about your case, the steps we took to help resolve everything, and the end result. We’ll include a survey so that you can give us some feedback on how wonderful we did!

Service Areas


When the IRS uncovers an inconsistency within your tax return, they can audit your return and potentially charge an additional tax, penalties, and interest. Within the IRS, there are two units that perform audits: Automated Underreporter and Exams. If your tax return or your business is getting audited, we can help you understand the process and ensure it goes smoothly.


The IRS can begin collections on tax debt that was incurred and remains unpaid. You may find yourself being contacted by a Revenue Officer who has been given significant latitude to begin collecting the tax debt. Having any outstanding debt can be troubling, and especially if that debt is owed to the IRS and they’re trying to collect it through garnished wages. Let us help you resolve this quickly!

Offer In Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a program for taxpayers who are unable to pay their tax bill. We can negotiate with the IRS for the taxpayer to pay what they are capable, which is frequently lower than the amount the IRS is trying to collect. Not everyone qualifies for this program, but we can help you navigate the situation if you do qualify.


Liens can get placed on real property (such as a home) or other valuable assets if a taxpayer has failed to pay their tax bill. This can be especially troubling if you are trying to sell your home but are unable because the title must be “free and clear” and there is a lien on it. We can negotiate the lien release for you to help get your taxes paid and the lien removed. 

Innocent Spouse

If you are an innocent or injured spouse who’s current or ex spouse has incurred tax debt that you aren’t liable for, we can help! If the tax debt wasn’t a result of your actions or you were in an abusive relationship and aren’t responsible to pay it, but the IRS is trying to contact you to collect this debt, we are here to be on your case. 

Penalty Abatement

When you already owe taxes, but perhaps you couldn’t afford to pay them in a timely manner, the IRS can assess penalties in the form of additional taxes that you now owe. This can make getting out from under your tax debt seem insurmountable, but it’s not! We can discuss options with the IRS and abate the penalties that have been assessed on your file!

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